Digital Scryers is a game development company founded by Ed Robles lll in 2008.

The office are located in the Los Angeles Center Studios; a customer service-focused resortof the entertainment

Digital Scryers’ development team consist of six member while also working in unionwith Creative Kingdom Inc (CKI),
Los Angeles as well as creative Kindgom Animation (CKA) Studios, Thailand.

The company along with CKI is corrently working in cojunction with MindArk to create and expansion pack to
the science fiction MMOG in the Entropia Univers.


Digital Scryers is a company devoted to developing games based on three main principles: compelling game
play, game driven storyline, and strong philosophical undertones. Our mission is to create Massively Multi-player
Online Games (MMOGs) that are based on the foundation of bringing back the classic elements of this game genre
while still preserving the true nature of what games are: FUN. We are motivated to crafting games that we think
people want, though may not necessarily be mainstream, with a new approach powered with innovation and passion.


Ed Robles III is the President/CEO and Creative Director for Digital Scryers, a new and upcoming game
developing company.

Ed Robles oversees the development of a new in-game world for Mindark’s enormously popular and ground
breaking massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) Entropia Universe.As an accomplished screen writer and creative
film maker, he has turned a lifelong passion for MMOGs and the online video game industry into a rewarding career.
Prior to assuming his current position in 2008, he worked at various Creative Kingdom subsidiaries, such as Creative
Kingdom Animation Studios Film based in Thailand. During his tenure at Creative Kingdom,

Ed has worked on numerous international entertainment projects for CKI’s animation, music and interactive
entertainment divisions.

Ed juggles his free time between battling it out in the popular online game World of Warcraft, producing music,
and spending time with his family at their home in Anaheim, California.

Kris Altergott is the Assistant Creative Director for Digital Scryers. Kris specializes in creative writing,
world building, Monster or Beast (MoB) details, comic book and quest design. Although Kris is the youngest member
of the team, being only 23, he has been a gamer for years. It all began with Super Mario World and Kris still enjoys
playing many games today. Kris also enjoys spending time with his wife and two year old daughter and his color of
choice is green.
James is the resident staff writer at Digital Scyrers. At 30 years old, he has been gaming for the last 24 years.
Over the last few years he has done countless beta tests for up and coming MMOs. Some of his other areasof specialties
are: level designing, story development, and comic book planner. Aside from his job, James enjoys the color black,
and he is an avid Death Knight Raider in World of Warcraft.
Han Nguyen is a Level Designer at Digital Scryers. For the last few years, Han has been a freelance cameraman,
but wanting to pursue his passion for gaming, found his home at Digital Scryers. While he still enjoys shooting movies,
Han also dedicates himself to mastering the art of video and sound editing, comic book layouts, web design, and
concept direction. Being an avid gamer since the early 90s, the 31 year old was one of Everquest's best Paladins.
Han also likes the color yellow and spending time with his wife
Joshua Reyes is a Level Designer at Digital Scryers. Joshua’s main focuses are in video editing, level creation,
Non Player Character (NPC) interactions, as well as modding for other games. Josh is 26 years old, and his favorite
color is blue. His main hobby is being an avid raiding Shadow Priest. Josh has been a gamer for many years and
has played all the greats from the past.
Monica A Robles is the Project Coordinator at Digital Scryers. Monica is a graduate of Mount St. Mary’s
College in Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. Monica spent many years doing scientific
research at many renowned institutions in the New York City area. She also has a publication for her research
at NYU. Monica focuses on helping the game design team, with daily/monthly goals, project organization, and
communication with company partners. Monica is your typical casual gamer that can’t live without her mobile
games, though she did have her gaming phase in the early 90’s with many of the retro games and will not pass
up the opportunity to shoot some zombies in the House of the Dead arcade series.